Watch How Easily and Effectively SmartAssist Empowers Your Existing Salesforce Service Cloud

SmartAssist Support works hand-in-hand with Salesforce Service Cloud to empower your customer support team, create and improve efficiencies, and augment the customer experience dramatically.

Using intelligent automation, our proprietary natural language processing engine, and powerful machine learning capabilities, SmartAssist can fully automate the more repetitive and mundane customer support tasks and augment those that are more complex, allowing your representatives to focus on doing what they do uniquely well: applying the human elements of empathy and creativity to solving your customer's most challenging issues.

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  • Routing and Triage designed to create the fastest, most efficient customer support environment
  • Recommended Responses that can run on autopilot (for the FAQs that make up the bulk of your tickets) or as a powerful time saver and idea engine for real-time CSR interactions
  • Macro Suggestions surfaced and recommended by the SmartAssist system based on frequently used manual responses, so your library of recommended responses continually grows and improves